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Roti in Barbados

The roti stands out as one of the great food delights in Barbados. If you live here there’s a good chance you’ll eat a roti regularly. If you’re a visitor, there’s every chance that you’ll be given the opportunity to try one out and remain a long term fan of the Barbados roti.

Many people consider jerk chicken to be the main item in a meal for a West Indian person. This is evident all over Barbados, for example. However the Roti is also one of the most admired meals across the region. It’s believed that Roti was brought to the islands by contract laborers from India, possibly around 1840. Although Roti is definitely an East Indian dish, it’s been localized as a Caribbean meal.

Trinidad lays claim to leading the way with Roti in the region. As half of its population has a background from the East Indian part of the world, Trinidad introduced Roti around the region.

What is a Roti?

It’s a flour pancake or wrap, comparable to, but lighter than a tortilla, and full with a variety of foods, including curried chicken, beef, goat, shrimp, and channa (chick-peas). West Indian roti are mainly made from wheat flour, salt, and water.

Where to buy?

The Indian Grill on Bay Street is one of the most popular Roti stops, but beware that it’s very popular and long queues form from 11.30am for lunch.

The Roti hut in Worthing was one of the most popular. The Roti were enormous. No use to you now though, as they’ve sold the land to developers who have built a tower block in its place.

Chefette; possibly my favorite Roti on the island. The size is more manageable, although never small. You don’t feel over full after consuming the meal. They‘re made fresh and taste just great. The content is always consistent and the price fair. Big John’s claim to sell a bigger Roti for a similar price, but size is not the question here. Often a larger Roti just means more wrap and no more filling.

Some people will say that you should never purchase a revered dish such as a roti from a fast food outlet, but in terms of quality, value and ease of purchase, then Chefette wins through. At some times of the year they’re just BDS$9.95 with a Pepsi included.

Of course a Roti made fresh and purchased almost anywhere on the island will probably be quite good, although the Super Centre Roti sold warm won’t win the best Roti awards. The Roti on sale at the Brighton Farmer's market in St George every saturday morning can make a nice lunch.