Bridgetown Literary Tour—Sat, Nov 29, 2014

Here’s an event you won’t want to miss  – the Bridgetown Literary Tour.

Bridgetown Literary Tour

I had the privilege of going on the first one. It was excellent! Here are the details:

Event: Bridgetown Literary Tour

Tour DateSaturday, November 29, 2014

Tour Time10 a.m. – noon; Meet at 9:30 a.m. Coach leaves at 10 a.m. sharp

Tour Start & End Point: Errol Barrow Statue, Independence Square (Days Books if raining)

Organisers: Writers Ink & ArtsEtc.

Price: Bds $85.00 (incl. lunch at the Waterfront Café from 12:30 p.m.)

For tickets contact: Esther Phillips Tel: 437-2443 / email: [email protected]

For more info on the tour:  A Writer’s View of Bridgetown

Going Green on the Boardwalk – GR13

Barbados has a thriving literary scene and one of the highlights is the free annual open air enviro-arts celebration, Green Readings.

GR 13 on the Boardwalk

Now in its sixth year, the two part event is run by Arts Etc, itself celebrating its tenth year this year. The first GR-13 session took place in Queen’s Park on 1 June, and BCT attended the second part of the event, held on the Boardwalk opposite KFC on 8 June 2013. Despite occasional showers, the venue was packed. Visitors were able to watch three Plein Air artists at work while listening to the sweet sounds on James Lovell and Friends.. On the literary programme were readings from Deeanne Williams, Racquel Griffith and Sonia Williams, followed by an open mic session, Boardwalk Talk. It was an excellent afternoon out and one which is already going on our calendar for next year. Here’s a selection of photos from the occasion:

Barbados Elections 2013

Barbados Elections 2013So the long-awaited date for the 2013 Barbados elections has been announced – it’s February 21st. Barbados has a long, long history (more than 350 years) of Parliamentary democracy. While what’s now the USA was largely frontierland (with the exception of Virginia), Barbadian politicians were making their own laws as part of the Barbados Assembly, which held its first meeting in 1639.

That long history shows through in the conduct of elections. Sure there’s some name-calling and haranguing from the hustings. There may even be a couple of ads that would fall foul of Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority, but by and large, it’s a civilized business, with none of the dirty tricks we have seen in other places. (Remember Al Gore?). This is true of the electorate too. They may get heated about their party and may even have tiffs with those on the other side, but there’s none of the violence we see in places like Jamaica.

And there’s one more good thing about elections in Barbados – the election period is short and sweet. The date was announced yesterday and in four weeks’ time it will all be over and back to business as usual. That’s good news for those of us who are not politically inclined.

What To Do In Barbados

Want to know what to do in Barbados? I give some tips on some of the best Barbados experiences in my guest post on Sharing Travel Experiences. It’s called Barbados: Behind the Scenes and includes tips on beaches, rum shops, food, sports and favorite local activities. Head over to Sharing Travel Experiences and add your 2c worth on what to do in Barbados.