Things to Do in Barbados #47 – Visit a Health Fair

Barbados seems to have more health fairs than you can shake a stick at. ¬†All through the year there are health events where you can get your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol checked, sample healthy goodies and try out the latest products to boost your health. One such event is the Barbados Reiki Association’s Holistic Health Fair, coming up on March 1st. (Full disclosure: I’m in the association, but I’ve gone to every fair and love the chance to try out different therapies at a very reasonable $20). If you want to talk health, this one’s for you.

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Mention Rihanna again and again

For some reason, not unknown, everyone likes to mention global superstar Rihanna in the first sentence if they’re talking about Barbados. Whoops; we did the same.

This company, Party Destinations, (who we don’t know anything about) have just posted a nice video showing Barbados as the party center of the world. While it’s a nice short look at paradise, you can be sure the Trinidadians won’t agree to the suggestion that they come to Barbados to party, especially after suggesting the Trinnis are the party kings and queens of the Caribbean.

Anyway, this company have tried to interest you in Barbados in less than three minutes and open and close with pictures of Rihanna. Whoops, we did it again and for all to note; we love the Trinnis in Barbados.

Here’s the YouTube link:



Miss Humanity International

It was not so much a contest about beauty, but about humanity. The inaugural Miss Humanity International competition was held last week in Barbados. Some 15 participants from around the globe took part, showcasing the issues they faced in their countries and their personal actions to solve them by membership in, and in some cases, founding of humanitarian or charitable organisations. At the finale on October 22nd the competition was deservedly won by Miss Lesotho ( Karabelo Mokoallo with her project Beauty on a Mission), with Miss Dominica taking a prize for Best National Costume. Founder Stephanie Yates is to be congratulated on successfully organising the first of what we hope will be an annual event. Here’s a gallery of photos from the event.

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Barbados Jazz Festival 2010

Jazz on the Hill, Barbados 2010They came; they saw; the place was packed. The final day of the 17th Barbados Jazz Festival, known also as the Jazz on the Hill, took place at Farley Hill National Park on Sunday, 17 January 2010. We arrived early and claimed seats a few rows back from the centre stage and it was just as well, as people kept on arriving all through the afternoon.

Due to start at 1 PM, things were up and running within half an hour. Local artist Alex M kicked off proceedings. Although perfectly acceptable, after an hour and a half of his warmup act, I was beginning to find him a bit dull.

Arturo Tappin works the crowd at the Barbados Jazz Festival 2010
Arturo Tappin works the crowd

After a short break it was on to local jazz artist Arturo Tappin. With his trademark hat and locks down to his knees he worked that saxophone, coming into the crowd for his penultimate number and leaving everyone entertained and uplifted. Next, he introduced Marisa Lindsay who belted out some songs with a power that could have used some restraint. That duo was popular with the crowd. Canada’s Warren Hill was next — we could have stood to hear a bit more of his smooth sax sounds.

And then, when it was dark, around 7:30 PM, came moment we had been waiting for — Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds was on stage. The crowd sang loudly, screamed his name and enjoyed a polished performance of just a few of the hundreds of songs he has written for himself and others. It was a fitting culmination to the event, and so mesmerising that people continued to stand in the rain at the end of the event to hear him sing (and this is very unusual in Barbados). It was a great day out.