Catching Up With The Jays in Barbados

It’s been a while since we checked in with the Jays. Back in January, they visited Barbados to formally take possession of their new home, before heading back to the UK to pack up and make a permanent move.

A couple of weeks ago, they came back and started the process of making the house into a home and adapting to their new life in Barbados. That involved things like finding contractors to handle renovations, buying a car and discovering the delights of trying to get things done.

Minimalist  Barbados

In addition, they now have their own blog, titled Minimalist, where they chart their discoveries following downsizing and relocating. It makes great reading. Check it out for tales from the bureaucratic front, up to date pricing for furniture and food,  and lots of interesting anecdotes on the local culture and lifestyle. Check it out – and we’ll have occasional updates, too.


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